(c) Philip Hearsey – “Probability” – bronze rotating sculpture on a bath stone base. Raised pattern in natural bronze & blue patination, 19cm x 10 x 45cm.

(c) Natalie Ryde – “Trefoil – M Theory” acrylic, ink and archival pen on Somerset satin paper, 56cm x 76cm.

We are delighted to announce that Philip Hearsey, Natalie Ryde, Jana Emburey, Sara Willett, Silvia Lerin, Venetia Norris, Jess Wallace, Margot Roulleau-Gallais, Jacques Godard and Nigel Bird, are artists working with VEDO and will be showing their artworks in the forthcoming exhibition ‘Paper and Bronze’ at Gallery Different from 8th December until 6th January 2017 alongside several artists represented by the Gallery.

VEDO promotes and works with extremely talented emerging and established artists whose works are beautiful, interesting, arresting and affordable.

(c) Jana Emburey – “Escape” ink drawing on Kozo Japanese paper stretched over a board.

(c) Sara Willett – ink drawing on Chinese paper and mounted on Chinese paper.

We know it is difficult to find great affordable art (from £200 to £5,000) but that is what we enjoy doing. We source artists who are talented, professional, have a unique artistic style, a good exhibition history, a very good sales record, are ambitious and their prices are very attractive. We are confident that you will love the artists’ works.

Buying works on paper is an excellent way to start collecting art in an affordable way and there is such a rich variety from drawings in ink and charcoal to watercolours and oil paintings on paper to photographic works printed in paper.

(c) Silvia Lerin – “ Inspired by an English Garden IV” acrylic oil painting on paper 40cmx50cm

d) Venetia Norris, Orchid 3, Phalaenopsis, ink & paint, 2011, 76 x 57cm (image courtesy of the artist)
(c) Venetia Norris – detail of “Orchid 1”, ink drawing and paint on paper, 87x67cm.

Bronze sculptures are the perfect way to encapsulate timeless elegance and can make a wonderful statement in your home or office.

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Jess Wallace – “Galloping Horse” Bronze horse sculpture, 34x15cm.

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Margot Roulleau-Gallais– “Crouching” female nude sculpture in patinated bronze, 10cmx10cmx5cm.

Whether you are looking for a colourful abstract painting or a delicate drawing that is figurative or a more impactful abstract work in monochrome we have this covered in this exhibition.

Our selected artists are inspired by nature, the Universe, animals and the human form in very different ways. From complex cell theories, to fossils, bird formations, sea shells or ocean waves and then translating these natural forms into ink, pencil drawings, pixoplasty photography or bronze show you that our artists use diverse techniques to convey what we see, feel and understand but cannot always explain or describe.

Enjoy this stunning selection and come to the exhibition to see more works.

(c) Jacques Godard – “Genesis – ECF3-418” Pixoplasty photograph giclee print on art paper A2 size.

(c) Nigel Bird – “Spool 2” Ink drawing on board 80x80cm

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