Our VEDO team were recently tasked with curating and installing a private collection of artworks generously loaned to a prestigious Barristers’ Chambers’ in Gray’s Inn, London that was to sit alongside a contemporary art exhibition, called “Getting Closer to Nature”, which we curated and installed.

The collector John Buck, had loaned 40 prints and original artworks.

John is a barrister at Tanfield Chambers and he began collecting art over 15 years ago and has amassed a formidable collection on display across three locations in London.

Many of the artists in the John Buck collection are by the great British abstract artists of the 21st century, artists such as Sandra Blow, Sir Terry Frost, Albert Irvin, Victor Pasmore, John Hoyland and Sir Howard Hodgkin.

The collection loaned to the Chambers however is a mixture of figurative work and abstract work, by British contemporary artists such as great painter and print maker Eileen Cooper OBE RA and Suffolk born lino cut artist Dale Devereux-Barker, to works by some very interesting international European artists such as wood cut prints by German artist Heidi Konig, some wonderful expressive works on paper by exceptional Catalan artist Agusti Puig and a large number of works by the leading late Italian abstract artist Piero Dorazio.

We have displayed 7 works by Dorazio from the 1960s until the 1990s across an entire floor in the building. Dorazio’s highly distinctive style of colourful twisted ribbons and crosshatched grids endured throughout his career and his work heavily relates to colour field painting.

Dorazio believed that “abstract art could change the world…” and so it is perhaps unsurprising that this artist caught the eye of Buck. 


Artist Piero Dorazio (c) John Buck Collection

We have found there are many cross parallels and interesting stories to be told about the artists in the contemporary landscape exhibition “Getting Closer to Nature” and within John Buck’s collection, many of whom who were either taught by the leading abstract artists in the post war period or had personal friendships with them.

Artist Robin Richmond (c) The John Buck Collection

To our joy, we also found amongst John’s collection an oil painting by contemporary artist Robin Richmond (an artist represented by the Gallery).

Richmond studied at Chelsea School of Art in the 1970s and her teachers included Howard Hodgkin and John Hoyland. The painting is an early figurative landscape scene of the great churches and landmarks in Florence, which is quite unlike her abstract paintings that dominate her artistic oeuvre.

This painting to my mind sums up the Buck collection, strong colour and bold shapes or architectural forms. These themes clearly stand out in the abstracted works he has collected over the years and we worked with this aesthetic to create harmony within the curation and installation overall and to select complimentary works for the landscape exhibition “Getting Closer to Nature” also recently installed within the Chambers.

To see the exhibition catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us on jessica@vedocorporateart.com and to read more about the exhibition click here.