Ivan Black is a kinetic artist who’s exquisite piece, Eclipse, was recently shown at Gallery DIFFERENT for VEDO’s launch exhibition. In the centre of the room this elegant silver artwork captivated visitors’ attention throughout the show as it gracefully carved into the gallery space. Eclipse is emblematic of Black’s large-scale metallic kinetic artworks. Often monochrome, these pieces are truly monumental, filling the indoor or outdoor spaces they were created for.

The masterpiece entitled ‘Yin’ forms the subject of this video. It is a large yellow sculpture which, as the video shows, fits perfectly with its outdoor environment. In the video we see Black set the sculpture in motion. He starts by turning the outer frame to begin the twisting, after which he controls the speed and direction with a few further tweaks.


The effect is mesmerising as the work literally carves out its own truly dynamic space. Many of Black’s works command the same level of engagement from the viewer. With his interests heavily in the areas of science, engineering and nature, the pieces suit a whole variety of environments, from natural wilderness outdoor spaces to the sharp lines and monochrome gallery setting.

At VEDO, we hope you enjoy watching this video which provides only a flavour of the work of this prolific and exceptionally talented artist.