VEDO provides four different services


This is our flagship product.

We offer a unique four stage system that helps you buy art and commission bespoke art.

Vedo is Italian for “I see”.  We strongly believe that whist art should be beautiful as well as representative it can also raise your brand profile and create a stimulating and positive environment for your clients and workforce.

VEDO also stands for our four step process:

  • V = Vision Consultation
  • E = Evaluation Consultation
  • D = Design Consultation 
  • O = Order and Installation

The Art Buying Service and 4 stages in our consultation service:

Stage 1 – Vision consultation session

We spend half a day to a day really understanding your requirements.

We analyse what you want to achieve, what impact you want to have with your art and what your practical requirements are. We also discuss with you:

• what medium that artwork might be in – painting, sculpture, photography etc;
• what ambience or mood colours might best suit the design scheme and impression you seek to project;
• what subject-matter would be appropriate including an awareness of cultural sensitivities;
• how many artworks you want;
• the size of the artworks;
• where the art will be installed;
• the conditions that the artworks will be housed in;
• an awareness of temperature, lighting and any hazards.
• whether a more detailed branding consultation is required to fully exploit the marketing opportunities of any potential collection;
• whether bespoke commissioning is appropriate.

We also look at floor plans and take photos of the venue. We would need to see visual plans of the space and arrange a photographer to take photographs of the space in order for us to complete our design stage process before clients make any purchases.

We then take you through a taste gauging presentation to gauge your preferences and understand your aesthetic so that we leave you with a clear understanding of what you want and, most importantly, what you like and what might best enhance your business. This may not be required if the Client and or their adviser have very specific requirements, know exactly what they are looking for and have a clear brief.

After our initial meeting with you and we have signed off with you on your specific requirements, our art consultants then select a range of artworks from our resource and create an evaluation presentation for the next stage.

International or Overseas Clients

For International clients, we can arrange meetings with relevant advisers and also arrange Skype calls or conference calls with clients. We expect to have a briefing meeting with any adviser to gain a clear understanding of a client’s requirements and to ascertain a detailed brief.

VEDO Consultants are willing to travel to meet their clients, provided their travel costs are paid in advance. However please note these are not recoverable.

Stage 2 – Evaluation Session

In this stage we provide the evaluation presentation and offer you a selection of artists and artworks that we believe fit your requirements.

For international clients or overseas clients we can arrange to go through the PDF or Powerpoint at the client’s convenience online and through Skype or a conference call.

We have a wide resource pool of national and international artists across a range of media that includes partnerships with specialist galleries.

After this meeting and we have signed off with you on the artists and artworks you are interested in purchasing, we move to a design stage.

Stage 3 – Design Session

We then show you your selection of artworks within photo montages of your venue. Here you will get a visual sense of your chosen artworks on your walls. This should help you see the potential end result and also help to make appropriate installation decisions.

For international clients and their advisers we present designed presentations with final selections so that clients can see precisely what the artwork would look like in situ prior to purchase.

Where the construction or decoration of the building is unusual or complex and where we have to accommodate very particular colour schemes, we also work with an interior designer to ensure we get the mood and balance of colour just right.

Once you have approved the works in the design consultation stage, we then move on to the Fourth stage of ordering the artworks and handling their installation.

Stage 4 – Ordering and Installation

We liaise with all the artists and gallery partners and also deal with all the invoicing.

If the client wishes to acquire any artworks that we put forward we will arrange the purchase and the sale from the artists and will invoice the client for the purchase accordingly.

We also arrange the delivery and installation of the artworks.

The cost of shipping and delivery will depend on the artist and gallery and will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Our Fees for the VEDO Art Buying Service

Our art advisory service costs as follows. These are payable in advance.

Stage 1 – Vision Consultation with you- £1,500

Stage 2 – Evaluation Consultation with you – £1,500

Prior to this consultation a full day of sourcing and preparing the presentation is undertaken.

If you do not like what is selected and further sourcing is required, we may spend up to a further day selecting artworks from our resource pool at either an agreed rate or a default day rate for the sourcing time.

Stage 3 – Design Consultation – £2,000

For more complicated briefs where you may request additional input from our interior designer, the designer’s day rate applies. Please ask us for more information if you need it.

Stage 4 – Ordering and Installation

We will negotiate on your behalf with the artists and galleries for any art that you select.

We will invoice for shipment of artworks and delivery at cost on a case by case basis. The cost of installation will also be considered on a case by case basis.

Offsetting of Payments

If you go through our three stage process and as a consequence order and buy artworks in excess of £20,000 plus vat, we will be paid a commission from the artists and galleries we work with.

We then reimburse you the consultation costs back from that commission payment we receive (but if we receive less commission then the consultation costs, we will only pay back that amount).The effect of this is that the art advisory consultation costs are free to you if you see the whole process through.

However we will ask for our fees for our art advisory consultancy services at each stage (totalling £5,000 plus vat) before we undertake the work and then deduct this off the bill once purchases have been made.

For any additional costs for sourcing or for additional consultations we charge our fees up front as well.

VEDO Bespoke Commissioning Service

As a result of the Vision Consultation we may conclude that commissioned work might be the most appropriate option for you and we can then identify and present artists for your project.

We charge a £1,500 – £3,500 fee for consultations and advice in the case of bespoke work, which is likely to involve a series of meetings and input from yourself or your adviser and the artist.

There will be a design stage which will involve a design fee. If, after design work has been undertaken, you decide not to proceed to the production stage of the artwork, this design stage fee will be non refundable. However, provided that you proceed with the final commission, the design fee will be deducted from the final fee.

Where artists or consultants are required to attend site meetings at a distance or internationally there may also be additional charges for expenses.

For this option we will agree a budget and advise you throughout the process.

VEDO Branding Service

Art can help portray a Company’s ethos and business aims and your display can be a powerful communication tool.

However identifying precisely what elements of your company or brand you wish to project may require expert assistance. We work with a branding consultant whose specialism is “corporate identity” and can help clients who are starting on this journey and want to address any brand communication issues.

Our branding consultant provides a daily rate for branding consultations.

VEDO Art Advisory and Management Service

For businesses which are collecting a number of artworks and are forming a collection we provide an ongoing art advisory and management service.

Our art consultants have considerable experience in art collection management and can help companies:

• develop and grow their collections;
• provide a plan for future management including assessing the integrity of the collection as a whole, its development and appropriate acquisitions and disposals;
• prepare a proper inventory documenting the collection;
• rotate the collection to ensure visibility and a fresh curatorial approach;
• consider strategic loans to museums or gallery exhibitions to potentially enhance the profile of the artworks;
• store or install the artworks appropriately,
• clean, conserve and restore the artworks.

Our art consultants provide a day rate for this service.

(c) Christopher Hauser and VEDO Corporate Art, 2016.