Alexander McQueen was one of the world’s most famous fashion designers and his legacy continues to inspire the fashion and art world across the globe even today.

Now, six years after his premature death in 2010, the last property he is known to have lived in on Mayfair’s prestigious Dunraven Street is up for sale. As you would imagine, such a distinguished address is commanding the very high price of £8.5 million.

Following McQueen’s death, the property laid dormant until the intervention of interior designer, Paul Davies. In a report on the sale, ArtNet quoted Mr Davies, who believes the home possesses a unique greatness. He stated, “Providing a homage to Alexander McQueen, this luxurious penthouse delivers the very best in contemporary Mayfair living.”

Images of the regenerated duplex home can be seen in an article by ArtNet. They show a beautifully elegant modern apartment filled with top specification amenities and more than one or two nods to the fashion designer’s life and career. Images of McQueen himself, his muses Isabella Blow and Annabelle Neilson and photographs of his work are hung amidst flawless interior decoration.

The design truly is a celebration of this incredible figure’s life and works. There is for example a “fashion catwalk”, an area lined with mirrors and photographs from his noted fashion shows and design motifs celebrating his trademark skull motif incorporated into the wall mirrors as well as references to his headgear.

Davies has also decorated this luxurious penthouse with a colour palette typical of McQueen’s fashion creations – cream, silver and black.

The fashion designer is not the only famous name associated with the address. 17 Dunraven Street was once the home of well-known author PG Woodhouse and more recently, His Highness Alexander Mountbatten.

Redecoration such as this is a perfect example of how interior design coupled with contemporary art and photography can hugely enhance your living space.

Significantly the interior designer has gone a stage further and focused on highly relevant material that celebrates McQueen’s life and is an example of the more sophisticated design and marketing of luxury properties that is now taking place internationally.

This we see as a growing market trend and at VEDO, our art consultants believe authenticity, relevance and brand resonance are key elements to ensure art appropriately matches within a designed luxury space but also reflects the brand image of the company client.

Interior designers, property developers and estate agents can use art to help maximise their prospects of property sales. Watch this space for more information about this market development.