‘Paper and Bronze’ – highlights from the show relevant to your industry sector

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Philip Hearsey

On Thursday 15th December 2016 VEDO Corporate Art Service hosted a very enjoyable and interesting preview evening for guests from a wide variety of companies and industry sectors from the property, art, design and luxury sector to the corporate, finance, legal and restaurant industry at Gallery DIFFERENT’S Winter Exhibition ‘Paper and Bronze.’

There is a dazzling range of artworks in the show, with over 120 artworks on display and works by 34 different national and international artists. VEDO had the great pleasure of showing 10 artists working with VEDO alongside 24 of the Gallery’s artists. 

The show is fascinating, showing a diverse range of subject-matter. There is truly something for everyone.
It is very exciting seeing the mix of established and emerging artists and how this creates a commercial and competitive environment for the artists.

From well renowned sculptors and artists such as David Begbie and Johannes Von Stumm, Guy Portelli. Philip Hearsey and the late artists Anthony Quinn ( who was also a famous movie star) and Denis Bowen to strong emerging artists who are ambitious, making sales and building exciting careers such as Sara Willett, Tara Winona, Paul Bennett and Silvia Lerin and Gil Carvalho.

We are delighted to show you some of the highlights from the show. These are artworks our guests particularly loved, the works attracted Collectors and were being snapped up in the first week of the show opening.

Below we will show you photographs of works in the show that may speak to your different industry sectors:

• For the Luxury sector ( see the beautiful bronze sculptures by Philip Hearsey, the delicate drawings by Jana Emburey and Sara Willett);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Philip Hearsey

Hotel sector and property sector (See also David Begbie’s sculptures, Nigel Bird’s nature inspired drawings & Tara Winona’s haunting animal prints);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor David Begbie


(c) Artist Nigel Bird

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Tara Winona

Corporate sector, ( see Johannes Von Stumm’s geometric sculptures and Silvia Lerin’s bold paintings on paper);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Sculptor Johannes Von Stumm


(c) Artist Silvia Lerin

Horse-racing and polo crowd and for any animal lovers (see the bronze sculptures by Jess Wallace);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Jess Wallace

Publishing Sector ( See Laura Beaumont’s controversial mixed media works);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Laura Beaumont

Music industry ( see Keith Haynes’s strikingly designed prints and vinyl works of world famous musicians);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Keith Haynes

Fashion sector ( see Gil Carvalho’s provocative Stiletto and Birkin prints and Sarah Michelle’s embroidered women in garments);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Sarah Michelle

If you would like to see more, the Exhibition is on until 6th January 2017 and so please come and visit us at Gallery DIFFERENT, 14 Percy Street, London W1. 

About VEDO Corporate Art:
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We have three independent art advisers working with our service with considerable industry knowledge and access to 100s of artists across different mediums who are not represented by galleries and we have a unique 4 step process to make buying art enjoyable and easy.

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