Sculptor Showcasing – Video-blog on Margot Roulleau – Gallais and her work in the “Paper and Bronze Exhibition”

Margot Roulleau-Gallais creates lifelike bronze sculptures of humans in highly naturalistic poses. The scale of her works vary considerably. Within her repertoire Roulleau-Gallais has created both larger than life size bronze figures of famous individuals but also much more intimate works which focusing on the more vulnerable side of her sitters.

Capturing a likeness is one of Roulleau-Gallais’s real talents. She has been commissioned to create busts, full figurative statues and smaller more intricately posed works by a variety of patrons, including MDM London. She is a young talent who has worked for leading British sculptors and is attracting patrons for commissions in her own right.

At VEDO’s most recent show ‘Paper and Bronze’ at Gallery Different we have exhibited one of Roulleau-Gallais’s smaller, delicate bronzes, “Crouching Chaos”.

Gallery Different, London 

This miniature female nude crouches with her hair falling elegantly over her shoulders, her legs crossed and pulled into her torso. In the video commissioned by VEDO Roulleau-Gallais tells us about the creation of this particular sculpture. She explores the emotion behind the nude and what the various parts of the body represent and how the posture relates to these emotions.

Watch the video here

Roulleau-Gallais has created something truly special with this small scale bronze work. Perfect for exhibiting on a plinth or on top of a table this piece seemed to appeal to individuals for a variety of reasons. The theme of the female nude together with the medium of bronze is a timeless combination.

Roulleau-Gallais renders subject and object in perfect unity which means these works could be used to engage with a variety of audiences on a variety of different levels. From elegant waiting rooms for companies, such as private medical clinics, or boutique hotel reception rooms to a luxury living room, this work could be exhibited anywhere and it would spark debate while enhancing the surrounding environment.

Those looking for an exquisite bronze figurative work on a small scale need look no further.

Roulleau-Gallais is a master craftsman with the ability to render impressions in bronze with extreme skill. From a life size sculpture of football legend Thierry Henri to a sophisticated bust of literary icon Edward Lear, Roulleau-Gallais continues to define her position within the sculpture scene internationally.

Roulleau-Gallais enjoys the challenges set by working to commission. Comfortable in a variety of scales, her works can accommodate every environment. Please contact VEDO directly to inquire into sculptural commissions by this talented artist.

Artist Showcasing: Video-Blog on Venetia Norris and her artworks in the ‘Paper and Bronze’ Exhibition

Image 5, Inspired by New Covent Garden, graphite and paint on boad, 38.2 x 35.4cm

(c) Artist Venetia Norris

Venetia Norris has come to be one of VEDO’s most well recognised artists, appearing frequently across VEDO’s 2016 exhibition programme.

In celebration of Norris’s most recently exhibited piece – Leaded Lights – VEDO have commissioned an artist video which shows Norris explaining the work, her inspiration and her fascinating techniques.

Click here to watch the video

Leaded Lights is characteristic of many of Norris’s pieces as it takes as its subject, the natural world. Leaded Lights is in essence a pencil drawing and rubbing including a splash of bright yellow paint and comprising a suspended wire circle.

Venetia Norris, Leaded Lights, Mixed Media- pencil rubbings, graphite, paint and wire on paper, artwork 33.5x25cm, 2015 (image courtesy of the artist)

(c) Artist Venetia Norris

Norris frequently creates these engaging sometimes monochrome assemblages which are her response to particular places at particular moments. Norris’s works are therefore often based on her real love of nature, foliage and the changing natural environment.

With Norris’s work you get a very modern, elegant presentation of nature. Beautiful flowers and foliage with a contemporary twist.

Drawing from life is a key aspect of all of Norris’s works. It is the direct, immediate rendering of a subject that gives her pieces such an intensity and vivacity. In the video Norris discusses the effect her 2015 artist residency had on the development of her artistic processes. She confirms that in directly engaging with her environment – the school of North London Collegiate – her pieces seemed to really come alive. The splash of yellow colour present in the piece in question was a direct response to the school’s frenetic and lively environment.

Leaded Light is not overly large in size and would fit well in so many different settings. Norris is able to take on larger scale and smaller scale projects and commissions. If you would like to understand more about the opportunities for commissioning or buying Norris’s works, please contact VEDO directly. As we march into 2017, VEDO is very excited for what lies in store for this important and prolific artist and urges fans and patrons of Venetia Norris’s works to watch this space carefully!

Artist Showcasing: Video-blog on Florent Lubienicki and his artworks in Savoir Faire

(c) Artist Florent Lubienicki

The VEDO film below shows the artist, Florent Lubienicki, discussing his two recently completed golden art works using combinations of stoneware, clay and paper. Lubienicki discusses the meditative aspect of his work and how important the material is in getting the right effect.

Shown in the recent October VEDO event, both works have an attractive gold hue. This is essential, Lubienicki confirms, as this colour symbolises light and is intricately tied to the theme of the sun. To reinforce this concept, one piece is aptly entitled ‘Soleli’.

For Lubienicki, the creation of the work and the effort and processes involved are key to the value of the final piece. He discusses the labour intensive, very physical processes involved in the creation of these two works, from the repetitive motions required to the intensity of the medium. Lubienicki ensures that, during periods of high artistic activity, he is careful to take frequent breaks to prevent any stiffness.


(c) Artist Florent Lubienicki

Lubienicki’s works, regardless of the medium, show the artist’s real understanding of the significance of the line to any abstract composition. Some of his works indicate a fascination with repetition. At first glance, drawings such as ‘Aromatisation’ could almost be scientific drawings or data from a geological survey. There is something very absorbing about the level of detail Lubienicki uses.

The work entitled ‘Suspension’ is a sculptural piece constructed of many porcelain triangles individually hanging from the ceiling. Together they make a mass of white and gold planes which appear to have almost been frozen in time. The work looks fantastic in a minimalist environment or in a more traditional setting – it is incredibly versatile and enhances a huge variety of spaces. In VEDO’s video, Lubienicki discusses his love of porcelain. Perhaps nowhere better than in this piece can we see his masterful use of the medium.

VEDO is proud to be working with Florent Lubienicki. To watch the video and understand a little more about this promising artist’s career, creations and his influences from the advertising trade, please click the link below to view.

Artist Showcasing: Liesha Yaz and a slide show of her beautiful abstract paintings


(c) Artist Liesha Yaz

The artist statement on Liesha Yaz’s website summarises her brilliantly evocative canvases; “Rather than creating a site specific landscape, I am driven by the desire to show the spirit and energy of a place, allowing the viewer to contemplate.” Yaz’s use of oil paint perfectly enhances this effect. Her seascapes and landscapes immediately capture your attention and draw on memories we all have of having been immersed in beautiful or wild scenery.

Yaz submitted two stunning seascapes to the latest VEDO exhibition, both attracting a lot of admiration. Their larger scales and elegantly textured canvases seemed to be a real talking point for VEDO’s guests. ‘Distant Shore’ is the sort of work you can become completely consumed in. The variety of earthen colours and tones are truly beautiful. Yaz builds up certain areas of the canvas with thicker paint, for example in the foreground where there might be tumultuous waves. These parts contrast nicely with flatter areas which might signify a calmer sky. The impastoed paint adds a depth which enhances the overall effect of the work. Yaz also employs a technique of dripping paint in areas of the canvas. This technique often compliments her watery or sea subject matter which brings an additional depth to her work that is truly admirable.

VEDO is happy to present a slide show of Yaz’s works. The reel highlights the great sense of natural beauty that can be captured by this artist. From rich blues and browns, to cool greys and fiery reds, Yaz is able to breathe life into her seascapes and landscapes in a way that would suit any environment. The works are often large in scale but they possess a subtlety which is remarkable. Many people find that they make the perfect works to place in an area of high footfall, as they always provide something new to contemplate. Others find the delicacy of tone and technique make them perfect to keep in a more contemplative, secluded environment.


(c) Artist Liesha Yaz

Yaz has created many works for specific sites and by commission. She confirms that she “thrive(s) on the challenge of producing site specific work”. Her works can really accommodate any kind of setting. Yaz has positioned art in the corporate domaine as well as in very luxury, top end residential spaces. These are truly versatile artworks making them the perfect choice for a variety of collectors.

To watch the Slide Show click here:

Artist Showcasing: Video-blog on Pandora Mond and her artworks in Savoir Faire

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Artist Pandora Mond

Pandora Mond’s paintings instantly draw your eye. The works VEDO was thrilled to exhibit at the recent launch event were exemplary of this. One work was from Mond’s Earth Series and the other from her Sea Series. VEDO are pleased to present a video on Mond and these two works to help viewers understand more about this artist’s fascinating working practices and her inspiration.

Mond begins in discussing her experience as a Leverhulme artist in residence. The aim of the residency was for an artist to work with a specific university, engaging in and responding to an exciting scientific programme. Mond chose to work with the university of Exeter in the Astrophysics Department where they were conducting fascinating research on exoplanets.

Mond’s piece, ‘Drakes Equation’, epitomises the work she completed during this time. The data in this exoplanet research that was being collected by the scientists was purely scientific and not visual. Mond explains that even the most powerful telescopes could not capture images of these distance planets. Mond had complete free reign in generating images based on the data collected. She attests that the works engage in discussions of whether there is actually anything out there trying to communicate with us. In the VEDO video, Mond discusses her fascinating process for creating these pieces. She talks about the painting technique and what that means in relation to her subject matter.

The Sea Series, one of which was exhibited at the VEDO October launch event, is also tied to planets and the movements of the solar system. Mond discusses the very physical act of painting these works which requires the dragging of thick areas of paint over the surface of the canvas.

As the video makes evident, Mond’s artworks are perfect for a variety of settings, whether it is inside the cabin of a luxury yacht or placed at a seaside villa. These works could also generate fascinating dialogues with the clients visiting engineering firms, shipping law firms or even geoscience research centres.

Mond’s pieces are very flexible in the dialogues they generate with an audience.

Their size, medium and technique make them eye catching and accessible, however they can generate a number of different discussions and pose various questions depending on who is engaging with them.

Pandora Mond has worked on group projects before, including the artist in residence programme at the University of Exeter. Mond is happy to work on commissions as she relishes the opportunity for making the artistic process more collaborative. Please watch the VEDO video to understand a little more about Mond’s working practices, her inspiration and to see the works which received such enormous praise at VEDO’s recent exhibition and launch event.

To watch the video click here:

Vedo Consultant: Malcolm Taylor on the Vedo service

Gallery Different, London 

(c) VEDO, photographer J. Petts – Photo of Malcolm Taylor at Gallery Different

With VEDO’s flagship product launch only a few weeks behind us, we are delighted to be able to present this video of Malcolm Taylor discussing the VEDO Corporate Art Service.

Malcolm begins by explaining who might be interested in VEDO’s Services and why having a quality collection might be valuable. Good art will always improve an environment and can lead to many different benefits for Companies.

VEDO helps corporates and various companies across different industry sectors to incorporate exciting and highly aesthetic artworks by extremely talented artists to help create exceptional collections which can add significant value to both day to day activities.

VEDO looks to find artworks that match a Company’s vision and brand with Artists who reflect those values and beliefs. Art in Companies is an opportunity to radically improve the working environment of employees, to create a culturally rich and stimulating work-space and has the added benefits of being able to also communicate elegantly to your client-base your corporate identity.

Beyond these benefits are the Corporate and Social Responsibility benefits, where Companies by buying artworks from young or emerging artists are fundamentally contributing to a long term and lasting legacy as a supporter or patron of the Arts.

Click here to watch the video: