VEDO presents magnificent sculptures at Henley Festival – July 2017

VEDO is very proud to be participating in Henley’s Art and Music Festival this week by showcasing 8 leading sculptors at the Festival from Wednesday 5th July until Sunday 9th July.

We have selected a few exceptional British and International sculptors to represent and have endeavoured to show the wide range of styles and scale you can have in sculpture from small indoor works to the monumental, from abstract to figurative, also providing educational information about various pricing, different mediums of sculptural works and the commissioning process.

About the Sculptors

We are showing a stunning kinetic work by Ivan Black, whose piece has been specifically designed for the festival. Ivan’s work is wondrous, his conception of movement is fascinating and sophisticated incorporation of lighting and colour is nothing short of joyous and magical. This is a sculptor who rightfully deserves his work to sit alongside the great kinetic sculptors found in the museums of the world.

(c) Sculptor Ivan Black

Simon Gudgeon has achieved recognition for his monumental works, such as his stunning giant bronze Swan at the Serpentine close to Princess Diana’s fountain memorial and his reflective bronze heads entitled ‘Search for Enlightenment’ displayed nearby in Knightsbridge. To see his beautiful smooth and paired down depictions from nature one should visit his elegant sculpture park in Dorset where he displays a range of his large scale sculptural works in a breathtaking setting.

(c) Sculptor Simon Gudgeon

Sally Fawkes and Richard Jackson are exceptional British glass sculptors. They have been represented by the best of British art dealers and similarly their works have found themselves into major collectors homes internationally. Having mastered their unique technique over decades they remain leaders in using the glass medium. Excitingly they have taken their works to monumental scale over the last few years and have produced magnificent pieces, such as their most recent commission of a monumental work shown at Salisbury Cathedral and a stunning commissioned work for the Shard.

(c) Sculptors Sally Fawkes and Richard Jackson

Mel Fraser’s beautiful abstract alabaster works are perfect for any elegant garden setting or luxurious home. She is represented by a gallerist and has become a recognised name for the interior design sector for her elegant abstract works that compliment a wide variety of settings. There is a stunning purity to her forms that provide endless joy and contemplation and her skill is apparent from her ability to work large pieces of stone or alabaster into paper like winged forms that are sometimes worked so finely that they become almost translucent.

(c) Sculptor Mel Fraser

For smaller scale interior works we are showing pieces by Philip Hearsey. Philip’s works are timeless and elegant and hark back to the best forms in ancient times, in particular ancient Egypt or Cycladic times. From beautiful arcs or circles or baton like shapes, his sophisticated use of form creates a strong sense of order and his works have a reassuringly calm and restful feel to them. Hearsey works in a variety of mediums and also adds a stunning creative touch that is highly distinctive, usually playing with the patina of the bronze to create an other-worldly feel.

(c) Sculptor Philip Hearsey


Johannes von Stumm has produced a range of stunning corporate commissions and public works from his winged angel for Nike to his Big Mother and Child stainless steel series that cuts the landscape like a knife leaving you to contemplate the essence of human nature set within the landscape. We are showing his very clever smaller geometric works that are a sophisticated combination of media often glass, bronze and stone. These works are highly distinctive works and are extremely contemporary in feel and work exceedingly well in corporate and luxury spaces.

(c) Sculptor Johannes von Stumm

Last but by no means least, a star of the event is Paul Day. He is representing himself at the Festival but we have the great pleasure of hosting his works on our stand and supporting this huge talent.
He needs no introduction having done several famous Royal monuments, from the Queen Mother’s memorial, Battle of Britain to the Iraq and Afghanistan war memorial.

His highly detailed figurative work is hugely accessible, fiendishly clever and demonstrates his extraordinary skill in rendering such great detail that translates so lucidly and perfectly in bronze form. His work demands attention and for that reason his works will stand the test of time in monumental form. We are pleased to announce that at the fair guests can see a range of works, demonstrating that his work is affordable and achievable for many collectors too.

(c) Sculptor Paul Day

VEDO see this event as a truly wonderful opportunity for us to show some larger monumental works in a stunning setting and also showcase some smaller indoor works that would look wonderful in any home. Our goal is to bring to great many people beautiful and accessible sculpture.

Sculpture is often an overlooked medium in preference to 2D forms such as painting, photography and prints. It is perceived to be expensive and difficult to place. We feel that sculpture can add tremendous value and make a wonderful statement in a wide range of environments from the home, the office or to a public space.

Commissioning bespoke sculptures for public works or for corporate spaces is our forte at VEDO and we understand that it can be an extremely challenging and complex project to manage. However our skilled art advisers take the stress out of the process, make it highly enjoyable and help clients achieve their creative vision by working effectively with the sculptors, designers and clients.

For more details about how we can help your company in such a project please do visit our website and contact us through the contact page.

For a copy of our new sculpture brochure to see the different sculptors we represent and the types of work we can help commission for your clients or your projects please contact us.

Ceramic artist spotlight: Desa Philippi’s biomorphic wall sculptures

VEDO Corporate Art Service is delighted to present some captivating new sculptural work by ceramic artist Desa Philippi.

Desa’s wall sculptures are beautiful fluid porcelain shapes with a strong graphic element.

(c) Red porcelain wall sculpture by artist Desa Philippi

She has developed a range of abstract, biomorphic shapes, which are layered in open and closed forms and can be combined in different dimensions. They are therefore uniquely adaptable to different spaces.

(c) Vertical midnight blue porcelain wall sculpture by artist Desa Philippi

She uses bold primary colours that heightens the graphic element and gives a strong contemporary art feel, as well as being very joyous artworks.

(c) Yellow porcelain wall sculprure & alphabet ceramic vessels by artist Desa Philippi 

We think of graffiti art when we look at these wonderful shapes, as well as comic strips and the great American pop artists of the 1960s, such as Roy Lichenstein.

In her own words Desa’s says she is

..“influenced by modernist sculpture and the urban environment within which the work is produced, I spent a lot of time looking at and photographing the reflections of buildings, graffiti walls, cranes and other urban structures on the nearby Regents Canal, observing changes of the water’s surface when disturbed by wind, moving canal boats, water birds, or floating debris. This direct observation helped me to rethink the continuous forms of my porcelain vessels in terms of open and animated surfaces.”

Desa is currently showing some of her stunning flat matt grey ceramic vessels at Gallery DIFFERENT in London in an exhibition called ‘The Art and Politics of Eating’. To read about this exhibition click here.

(c) Alphabet Vessels by artist Desa Philippi

Desa works from her studio in Camden in London. Her background as an art historian is eminently clear from the strong sense of design and aesthetics that permeates her work as an artist.

Her ceramics are effortlessly chic and would look great in any contemporary designed living space, bringing in a sophisticated design element.

To see more please do not hesitate to contact us at

Sculptor Showcasing – Video-blog on Margot Roulleau – Gallais and her work in the “Paper and Bronze Exhibition”

Margot Roulleau-Gallais creates lifelike bronze sculptures of humans in highly naturalistic poses. The scale of her works vary considerably. Within her repertoire Roulleau-Gallais has created both larger than life size bronze figures of famous individuals but also much more intimate works which focusing on the more vulnerable side of her sitters.

Capturing a likeness is one of Roulleau-Gallais’s real talents. She has been commissioned to create busts, full figurative statues and smaller more intricately posed works by a variety of patrons, including MDM London. She is a young talent who has worked for leading British sculptors and is attracting patrons for commissions in her own right.

At VEDO’s most recent show ‘Paper and Bronze’ at Gallery Different we have exhibited one of Roulleau-Gallais’s smaller, delicate bronzes, “Crouching Chaos”.

Gallery Different, London 

This miniature female nude crouches with her hair falling elegantly over her shoulders, her legs crossed and pulled into her torso. In the video commissioned by VEDO Roulleau-Gallais tells us about the creation of this particular sculpture. She explores the emotion behind the nude and what the various parts of the body represent and how the posture relates to these emotions.

Watch the video here

Roulleau-Gallais has created something truly special with this small scale bronze work. Perfect for exhibiting on a plinth or on top of a table this piece seemed to appeal to individuals for a variety of reasons. The theme of the female nude together with the medium of bronze is a timeless combination.

Roulleau-Gallais renders subject and object in perfect unity which means these works could be used to engage with a variety of audiences on a variety of different levels. From elegant waiting rooms for companies, such as private medical clinics, or boutique hotel reception rooms to a luxury living room, this work could be exhibited anywhere and it would spark debate while enhancing the surrounding environment.

Those looking for an exquisite bronze figurative work on a small scale need look no further.

Roulleau-Gallais is a master craftsman with the ability to render impressions in bronze with extreme skill. From a life size sculpture of football legend Thierry Henri to a sophisticated bust of literary icon Edward Lear, Roulleau-Gallais continues to define her position within the sculpture scene internationally.

Roulleau-Gallais enjoys the challenges set by working to commission. Comfortable in a variety of scales, her works can accommodate every environment. Please contact VEDO directly to inquire into sculptural commissions by this talented artist.

‘Paper and Bronze’ – highlights from the show relevant to your industry sector

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Philip Hearsey

On Thursday 15th December 2016 VEDO Corporate Art Service hosted a very enjoyable and interesting preview evening for guests from a wide variety of companies and industry sectors from the property, art, design and luxury sector to the corporate, finance, legal and restaurant industry at Gallery DIFFERENT’S Winter Exhibition ‘Paper and Bronze.’

There is a dazzling range of artworks in the show, with over 120 artworks on display and works by 34 different national and international artists. VEDO had the great pleasure of showing 10 artists working with VEDO alongside 24 of the Gallery’s artists. 

The show is fascinating, showing a diverse range of subject-matter. There is truly something for everyone.
It is very exciting seeing the mix of established and emerging artists and how this creates a commercial and competitive environment for the artists.

From well renowned sculptors and artists such as David Begbie and Johannes Von Stumm, Guy Portelli. Philip Hearsey and the late artists Anthony Quinn ( who was also a famous movie star) and Denis Bowen to strong emerging artists who are ambitious, making sales and building exciting careers such as Sara Willett, Tara Winona, Paul Bennett and Silvia Lerin and Gil Carvalho.

We are delighted to show you some of the highlights from the show. These are artworks our guests particularly loved, the works attracted Collectors and were being snapped up in the first week of the show opening.

Below we will show you photographs of works in the show that may speak to your different industry sectors:

• For the Luxury sector ( see the beautiful bronze sculptures by Philip Hearsey, the delicate drawings by Jana Emburey and Sara Willett);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Philip Hearsey

Hotel sector and property sector (See also David Begbie’s sculptures, Nigel Bird’s nature inspired drawings & Tara Winona’s haunting animal prints);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor David Begbie


(c) Artist Nigel Bird

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Tara Winona

Corporate sector, ( see Johannes Von Stumm’s geometric sculptures and Silvia Lerin’s bold paintings on paper);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Sculptor Johannes Von Stumm


(c) Artist Silvia Lerin

Horse-racing and polo crowd and for any animal lovers (see the bronze sculptures by Jess Wallace);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Jess Wallace

Publishing Sector ( See Laura Beaumont’s controversial mixed media works);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Laura Beaumont

Music industry ( see Keith Haynes’s strikingly designed prints and vinyl works of world famous musicians);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Keith Haynes

Fashion sector ( see Gil Carvalho’s provocative Stiletto and Birkin prints and Sarah Michelle’s embroidered women in garments);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Sarah Michelle

If you would like to see more, the Exhibition is on until 6th January 2017 and so please come and visit us at Gallery DIFFERENT, 14 Percy Street, London W1. 

About VEDO Corporate Art:
VEDO is a specialist corporate art service. We help Companies look for art to match their brand and ethos, to create a stimulating and creative working environment, to showcase art that will attract clients and speak to your client-base and act as an investment.

If you require any advice or assistance VEDO is here to help you choose wisely art you will love. We source artworks from artists working independently to galleries, to gallery represented artists, from artists Estates and from the antique sector. We can help source any art you like.

We have three independent art advisers working with our service with considerable industry knowledge and access to 100s of artists across different mediums who are not represented by galleries and we have a unique 4 step process to make buying art enjoyable and easy.

To see more and follow our news and events:
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Artist Showcasing: Jess Wallace’s beautiful animal bronzes and drawings on show

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

Jess Wallace is a talented artist exploring the traditional arts of drawing, painting and sculpture. Her work has received much recognition from collectors and art advisors, and 2016 has proven a successful year, with shows at the Framers Gallery, at Gallery DIFFERENT and at Paul Smith’s flagship store on Albermarle Street.

This week VEDO will proudly display a number of Jess Wallace’s works, sculptures and drawings, in its forthcoming exhibition, ‘Paper and Bronze’.

Some of Jess Wallace’s most popular pieces are her delicate bronzes of animals, which are currently on a domestic scale. These dynamic sculptures are both intimate and vibrantly filled with life. Her subjects include dogs, horses, pigs and cows, usually particular animals she knows well and cares for. They are exquisitely modelled in clay, then cast in bronze. The incredible vivacity of the work really allows the viewer to feel the presence of the animal, whether it is a quietly grazing horse or a playful dog running across the fields. In accompaniment to this work, Jess has produced beautiful line or charcoal drawings of her subjects.

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

The beauty of Jess Wallace’s work is to produce very modern pieces using bronze, a traditional medium with a truly grand history. Her representations are tightly observed and spare, which renders them both contemporary and timeless.

For this very reason, a number of VEDO’s Corporate and private collectors have viewed Wallace’s works as the perfect compliment to a variety of settings.

Easily moveable and with a tangible sense of real craftsmanship, these bronzes are rapidly gaining in prominence. This is in no small part due to the support of British design house, Paul Smith, who have exhibited the works in their flagship London store on Albermarle Street. Seeing the works in situ, it is obvious how easily adaptable they can be. As an important brand, Paul Smith is known for its exquisite taste whether in the fashion world or in the world of interior design.

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

Jess Wallace appreciates interaction with her patrons and supporters, and has found their feedback valuable to the development of her work. She is keen to share her passion for working in clay, holds public workshops in her busy Yorkshire studio, and is a visiting tutor at Hampstead School of Art. She believes strongly in the value of observational work and that everybody can participate in, enjoy and benefit from the creative process.

To see Jess Wallace’s elegant sculptures and drawings, please join us at the forthcoming VEDO exhibition where the artist will be displaying a selection of works across both mediums.

Artist Showcasing: Video-blog on Florent Lubienicki and his artworks in Savoir Faire

(c) Artist Florent Lubienicki

The VEDO film below shows the artist, Florent Lubienicki, discussing his two recently completed golden art works using combinations of stoneware, clay and paper. Lubienicki discusses the meditative aspect of his work and how important the material is in getting the right effect.

Shown in the recent October VEDO event, both works have an attractive gold hue. This is essential, Lubienicki confirms, as this colour symbolises light and is intricately tied to the theme of the sun. To reinforce this concept, one piece is aptly entitled ‘Soleli’.

For Lubienicki, the creation of the work and the effort and processes involved are key to the value of the final piece. He discusses the labour intensive, very physical processes involved in the creation of these two works, from the repetitive motions required to the intensity of the medium. Lubienicki ensures that, during periods of high artistic activity, he is careful to take frequent breaks to prevent any stiffness.


(c) Artist Florent Lubienicki

Lubienicki’s works, regardless of the medium, show the artist’s real understanding of the significance of the line to any abstract composition. Some of his works indicate a fascination with repetition. At first glance, drawings such as ‘Aromatisation’ could almost be scientific drawings or data from a geological survey. There is something very absorbing about the level of detail Lubienicki uses.

The work entitled ‘Suspension’ is a sculptural piece constructed of many porcelain triangles individually hanging from the ceiling. Together they make a mass of white and gold planes which appear to have almost been frozen in time. The work looks fantastic in a minimalist environment or in a more traditional setting – it is incredibly versatile and enhances a huge variety of spaces. In VEDO’s video, Lubienicki discusses his love of porcelain. Perhaps nowhere better than in this piece can we see his masterful use of the medium.

VEDO is proud to be working with Florent Lubienicki. To watch the video and understand a little more about this promising artist’s career, creations and his influences from the advertising trade, please click the link below to view.