The Art and Politics of Eating – an art exhibition & event that celebrates food

VEDO Corporate Art Service is proud to support Gallery DIFFERENT’S forthcoming exhibition: ‘The Art and Politics of Eating’.

(c) Artist Zev Robinson

Zev Robinson, a Canadian and British artist and film-maker is showcasing his large beautiful dream-like pastel paintings at the Gallery, 14 Percy Street, London W1 this week.

Zev an experienced artist has coordinated this exhibition of his pastels with the release of his film ‘The Art of Politics of Eating’ – Pied à Terre documentary, shown this evening at the Gallery.

His film examines the restaurant’s passionate interest in supporting the sustainable food system and how their relationship with their forty suppliers makes an important contribution to the small independent British food sector.

There will also be a moderated discussion about quality food producers and the role of quality restaurants in sustaining those producers and the rural environment.

From the Corporate Art perspective, Pied à Terre restaurant is well known and highly regarded as an amazing champion of the arts.

Apart from hanging artworks by emerging and established artists in this elegant and very fashionable restaurant and allowing an important showcasing venue for artists to be enjoyed by their clientele, they are true patrons of the arts and this echoes through a film like this, made by a visual artist who has turned the spotlight on their core passion, supporting sustainable food systems and making sure the best of British food is served in their restaurant.

Zev’s work is elegant, accessible and blends the boundaries between art and food and the point at which these two creative endeavours meet.

(c) Artist Zev Robinson

The pastel medium creates a haze to the subject-matter that feels dream-like and surreal and with his closely studied blue camphor jugs and succulent Queen olives in terracotta dishes you are instantly transported to the Mediterranean.

To see the film, the screening is tonight 6th June 2017, please book tickets through the Gallery.

To read a further review about Zev’s work please see the Artlyst article here.

VEDO Ceramicists at Gallery Different

VEDO Corporate Art looks for the best independent artists for the commercial sectors, such as interior design and hotel design.

Also showing this week at Gallery DIFFERENT, 14 Percy Street, W1, VEDO is very proud to announce that two exceptional ceramicists are showing their works too.

French ceramic artist Isabelle Poupinel will be showcasing three of her stunning works, all quite different and show the unique range of styles in her repertoire.

From her stunning North African inspired earthen dish, with a beautiful turquoise glaze, perfect as a central piece for a kitchen table or dining al fresco and serving delicious nibbles, such as pistachio nuts, to her beautiful woven looking ceramic basket – an object that is both minimalist and in our view seems to echo great tribal art, namely Tutsi or Hutu woven baskets.

(c) Artist Isabelle Poupinel

Lastly Isabelle is showing a chic pinched white porcelain vase with a gold tie that would look elegant in any luxurious room and reminds us of the great finesse you find in gorgeous homes in the South of France.

German born Desa Philippi, who works from her studio in Camden in London, will be showing her impressive and elegant pots. Her vessels look fabulous in a group and make an effortless and chic artistic display.

These works are artistic too and are for display rather than use. Desa produces clean lines and her works have an extremely pleasing symmetry, often combined with interesting decoration such as her sophisticated on-glaze patterns that use steel or tungsten to create fine lines. In Desa’s work there are gorgeous industrial matt grey or sensitive cream tones or a flat pure white that demands attention and echoes Bauhaus and great design.

(c) Artist Desa Philippi

Desa, like Isabelle, has a diverse repertoire but is consistently elegant in her style and approach and works by either of these artists would look fabulous in any home.

For more details about these three artists please contact VEDO.

The exhibition is on until Wednesday 14th June 2017, Gallery Different 14 Percy Street, London W1.

Artist Showcasing – Video-blog on Natalie Ryde and her work in the “Paper and Bronze Exhibition”


(c) Artist Natalie Ryde

Natalie Ryde is an exciting artist who specialises in abstract line drawings and screen printing. Her works are often very detailed, colourful and captivating.

She describes her abstract line drawings as appearing as floating woven forms and she attributes this aesthetic to her family background in both textiles and technical drawing.

Ryde’s explains that her practice deals with ideas surrounding “the human tendency to follow patterns, inherent and learnt behaviour, conscious and automatic decision making” and her source material comes from mathematical diagrams, observation of disrupted surfaces or patterns and emergent organic forms.

The intricate mesh drawings in monochrome and colour have a feeling of movement and vitality in their undulating surfaces. Working predominantly on paper, Ryde uses ink, pen and pencil in her drawings as well as producing short-run and variable silkscreen print editions.

VEDO have enjoyed showing Ryde’s artworks at our recent 2016 shows, Savoir Faire in October 2016 and ‘Paper and Bronze’ December – January 2017 at Gallery Different. We have created a video to explore her most recently exhibited pieces.

Watch her video here

Trefoil is a large piece with a bold blue ring of colour. Within this block of colour, Ryde has painstakingly hand drawn networks of pen lines. The method is very precise and creates a hugely intricate web effect. Trefoil exemplifies the methodology and vision of this artist.

In VEDO’s video, Ryde discusses her inspiration for these organic pieces.

One truly eye catching work is called “Pokey Holes”, a vibrant work that comprises of a yellow form with the same characteristic networks of line drawing over the block colour.

Gallery Different, London 

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Artist Natalie Ryde

Ryde recalls how one day she discovered a mysterious entity washed up on the beach. The entity turned out to be a cluster of whelk eggs and consequently formed the subject-matter of this work. She talks about the randomness of coming across something organic in a place it was not necessarily meant to be – a theme which seems to inform many of her works from this time.

Within the ‘Paper and Bronze’ show at Gallery Different we are also showing some unframed works, such as the drawings “implosion” and “explosion” that are stunning small drawings that would look elegant in a luxury home, boutique hotel or any commercial space where minimalist elegant design is the theme.

Ryde’s fascinating working methods and techniques, together with the sense of randomness she installs into her works make them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a really unique, elegant artwork.

Ryde also has much experience of working alongside her patrons and therefore the commissioning process is something which she both enjoys and thrives on. At VEDO we work with artists and clients to produce bespoke commission works that enhances a company’s property and matches the Company brand and vision. Whether you have something specific in mind to commission for a corporate or luxury setting, or you would just be interested in Ryde’s best completed works, we are here to assist.

Sculptor Showcasing – Video-blog on Margot Roulleau – Gallais and her work in the “Paper and Bronze Exhibition”

Margot Roulleau-Gallais creates lifelike bronze sculptures of humans in highly naturalistic poses. The scale of her works vary considerably. Within her repertoire Roulleau-Gallais has created both larger than life size bronze figures of famous individuals but also much more intimate works which focusing on the more vulnerable side of her sitters.

Capturing a likeness is one of Roulleau-Gallais’s real talents. She has been commissioned to create busts, full figurative statues and smaller more intricately posed works by a variety of patrons, including MDM London. She is a young talent who has worked for leading British sculptors and is attracting patrons for commissions in her own right.

At VEDO’s most recent show ‘Paper and Bronze’ at Gallery Different we have exhibited one of Roulleau-Gallais’s smaller, delicate bronzes, “Crouching Chaos”.

Gallery Different, London 

This miniature female nude crouches with her hair falling elegantly over her shoulders, her legs crossed and pulled into her torso. In the video commissioned by VEDO Roulleau-Gallais tells us about the creation of this particular sculpture. She explores the emotion behind the nude and what the various parts of the body represent and how the posture relates to these emotions.

Watch the video here

Roulleau-Gallais has created something truly special with this small scale bronze work. Perfect for exhibiting on a plinth or on top of a table this piece seemed to appeal to individuals for a variety of reasons. The theme of the female nude together with the medium of bronze is a timeless combination.

Roulleau-Gallais renders subject and object in perfect unity which means these works could be used to engage with a variety of audiences on a variety of different levels. From elegant waiting rooms for companies, such as private medical clinics, or boutique hotel reception rooms to a luxury living room, this work could be exhibited anywhere and it would spark debate while enhancing the surrounding environment.

Those looking for an exquisite bronze figurative work on a small scale need look no further.

Roulleau-Gallais is a master craftsman with the ability to render impressions in bronze with extreme skill. From a life size sculpture of football legend Thierry Henri to a sophisticated bust of literary icon Edward Lear, Roulleau-Gallais continues to define her position within the sculpture scene internationally.

Roulleau-Gallais enjoys the challenges set by working to commission. Comfortable in a variety of scales, her works can accommodate every environment. Please contact VEDO directly to inquire into sculptural commissions by this talented artist.

Artist Showcasing: Video-Blog on Venetia Norris and her artworks in the ‘Paper and Bronze’ Exhibition

Image 5, Inspired by New Covent Garden, graphite and paint on boad, 38.2 x 35.4cm

(c) Artist Venetia Norris

Venetia Norris has come to be one of VEDO’s most well recognised artists, appearing frequently across VEDO’s 2016 exhibition programme.

In celebration of Norris’s most recently exhibited piece – Leaded Lights – VEDO have commissioned an artist video which shows Norris explaining the work, her inspiration and her fascinating techniques.

Click here to watch the video

Leaded Lights is characteristic of many of Norris’s pieces as it takes as its subject, the natural world. Leaded Lights is in essence a pencil drawing and rubbing including a splash of bright yellow paint and comprising a suspended wire circle.

Venetia Norris, Leaded Lights, Mixed Media- pencil rubbings, graphite, paint and wire on paper, artwork 33.5x25cm, 2015 (image courtesy of the artist)

(c) Artist Venetia Norris

Norris frequently creates these engaging sometimes monochrome assemblages which are her response to particular places at particular moments. Norris’s works are therefore often based on her real love of nature, foliage and the changing natural environment.

With Norris’s work you get a very modern, elegant presentation of nature. Beautiful flowers and foliage with a contemporary twist.

Drawing from life is a key aspect of all of Norris’s works. It is the direct, immediate rendering of a subject that gives her pieces such an intensity and vivacity. In the video Norris discusses the effect her 2015 artist residency had on the development of her artistic processes. She confirms that in directly engaging with her environment – the school of North London Collegiate – her pieces seemed to really come alive. The splash of yellow colour present in the piece in question was a direct response to the school’s frenetic and lively environment.

Leaded Light is not overly large in size and would fit well in so many different settings. Norris is able to take on larger scale and smaller scale projects and commissions. If you would like to understand more about the opportunities for commissioning or buying Norris’s works, please contact VEDO directly. As we march into 2017, VEDO is very excited for what lies in store for this important and prolific artist and urges fans and patrons of Venetia Norris’s works to watch this space carefully!

‘Paper and Bronze’ – highlights from the show relevant to your industry sector

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Philip Hearsey

On Thursday 15th December 2016 VEDO Corporate Art Service hosted a very enjoyable and interesting preview evening for guests from a wide variety of companies and industry sectors from the property, art, design and luxury sector to the corporate, finance, legal and restaurant industry at Gallery DIFFERENT’S Winter Exhibition ‘Paper and Bronze.’

There is a dazzling range of artworks in the show, with over 120 artworks on display and works by 34 different national and international artists. VEDO had the great pleasure of showing 10 artists working with VEDO alongside 24 of the Gallery’s artists. 

The show is fascinating, showing a diverse range of subject-matter. There is truly something for everyone.
It is very exciting seeing the mix of established and emerging artists and how this creates a commercial and competitive environment for the artists.

From well renowned sculptors and artists such as David Begbie and Johannes Von Stumm, Guy Portelli. Philip Hearsey and the late artists Anthony Quinn ( who was also a famous movie star) and Denis Bowen to strong emerging artists who are ambitious, making sales and building exciting careers such as Sara Willett, Tara Winona, Paul Bennett and Silvia Lerin and Gil Carvalho.

We are delighted to show you some of the highlights from the show. These are artworks our guests particularly loved, the works attracted Collectors and were being snapped up in the first week of the show opening.

Below we will show you photographs of works in the show that may speak to your different industry sectors:

• For the Luxury sector ( see the beautiful bronze sculptures by Philip Hearsey, the delicate drawings by Jana Emburey and Sara Willett);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Philip Hearsey

Hotel sector and property sector (See also David Begbie’s sculptures, Nigel Bird’s nature inspired drawings & Tara Winona’s haunting animal prints);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor David Begbie


(c) Artist Nigel Bird

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Tara Winona

Corporate sector, ( see Johannes Von Stumm’s geometric sculptures and Silvia Lerin’s bold paintings on paper);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Sculptor Johannes Von Stumm


(c) Artist Silvia Lerin

Horse-racing and polo crowd and for any animal lovers (see the bronze sculptures by Jess Wallace);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Jess Wallace

Publishing Sector ( See Laura Beaumont’s controversial mixed media works);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Laura Beaumont

Music industry ( see Keith Haynes’s strikingly designed prints and vinyl works of world famous musicians);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Keith Haynes

Fashion sector ( see Gil Carvalho’s provocative Stiletto and Birkin prints and Sarah Michelle’s embroidered women in garments);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Sarah Michelle

If you would like to see more, the Exhibition is on until 6th January 2017 and so please come and visit us at Gallery DIFFERENT, 14 Percy Street, London W1. 

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Artist Showcasing: Jess Wallace’s beautiful animal bronzes and drawings on show

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

Jess Wallace is a talented artist exploring the traditional arts of drawing, painting and sculpture. Her work has received much recognition from collectors and art advisors, and 2016 has proven a successful year, with shows at the Framers Gallery, at Gallery DIFFERENT and at Paul Smith’s flagship store on Albermarle Street.

This week VEDO will proudly display a number of Jess Wallace’s works, sculptures and drawings, in its forthcoming exhibition, ‘Paper and Bronze’.

Some of Jess Wallace’s most popular pieces are her delicate bronzes of animals, which are currently on a domestic scale. These dynamic sculptures are both intimate and vibrantly filled with life. Her subjects include dogs, horses, pigs and cows, usually particular animals she knows well and cares for. They are exquisitely modelled in clay, then cast in bronze. The incredible vivacity of the work really allows the viewer to feel the presence of the animal, whether it is a quietly grazing horse or a playful dog running across the fields. In accompaniment to this work, Jess has produced beautiful line or charcoal drawings of her subjects.

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

The beauty of Jess Wallace’s work is to produce very modern pieces using bronze, a traditional medium with a truly grand history. Her representations are tightly observed and spare, which renders them both contemporary and timeless.

For this very reason, a number of VEDO’s Corporate and private collectors have viewed Wallace’s works as the perfect compliment to a variety of settings.

Easily moveable and with a tangible sense of real craftsmanship, these bronzes are rapidly gaining in prominence. This is in no small part due to the support of British design house, Paul Smith, who have exhibited the works in their flagship London store on Albermarle Street. Seeing the works in situ, it is obvious how easily adaptable they can be. As an important brand, Paul Smith is known for its exquisite taste whether in the fashion world or in the world of interior design.

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

Jess Wallace appreciates interaction with her patrons and supporters, and has found their feedback valuable to the development of her work. She is keen to share her passion for working in clay, holds public workshops in her busy Yorkshire studio, and is a visiting tutor at Hampstead School of Art. She believes strongly in the value of observational work and that everybody can participate in, enjoy and benefit from the creative process.

To see Jess Wallace’s elegant sculptures and drawings, please join us at the forthcoming VEDO exhibition where the artist will be displaying a selection of works across both mediums.