Buying Art For Your Home Workspace – 6 ideas

Artwork: Mercury, 1995, Oil on Board, 44.5cm x 61cm by Dennis Bowen courtesy of Gallery Different

Through lockdown many of us have either had to set up a home office for the first time or adapt and improve on an existing workspace to make it more conducive for current needs. In doing so, you probably have made sure your desk space has all the essentials but have you given any thought to what’s hanging on your walls?

Your view from your desk that you will gaze upon from time to time throughout the day can be extremely important for your daily motivation, inspiration and overall well-being and so it’s worth giving this aspect of your workspace serious thought too.

Not everyone has a window with a glorious view, but art can become your window onto a very pleasing vista or any image that speaks to your imagination and makes you feel good and happy.

Why not make this small change by choosing to hang some art which can dramatically change the look and feel of your workspace?

Here are 6 ideas for buying and installing art for your new home office:

  1. Start by choosing art you love. It needs to appeal to you and it is important that you want to come into your workspace, that you are excited to sit down at your desk because you love coming into your home office and the art you have selected for your walls really should reinforce these strong positive vibes.
  2. Use the art to create the appropriate ambience or mood for your working environment that you require depending on the nature of your work and the emotions and feelings you want to experience – it maybe that you require a very peaceful or meditative space for calm focussed work or maybe that you require a more inspiring, dynamic or energetic vibe or it maybe needs to feel uplifting and joyous – art can transform the way you feel and help you get into the right mindset.
  3. If you do lots of video conferencing and zoom calls with clients and colleagues it may also be important to consider who else might see the artwork and whether what you’ve displayed is appropriate for your clients or colleague to see too?
  4. You can use art to say something about your values, ethos, interests, passions and beliefs or even your brand and your company’s values. Choose artworks that have resonance and meaning for you or for your brand.
  5. Select art and hang the art appropriately to the space. Give the artwork room to breathe and therefore there should be good space around the artwork (negative space) so that it fits perfectly on the wall and does not dominate or overwhelm the space. Equally don’t place something that is very small into a large space either.
  6. Hanging art appropriately will also require some consideration being given to environmental conditions so that your artwork does not get damaged such as – light, temperature, humidity and weight bearing on the wall. For more detailed tips on this see our website for an article on The Art Of Hanging Art for – 5 rules on hanging art.)

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If you would like to see some artworks to get a sense of what might work for you see here our latest exhibition “Getting Closer to Nature” on Artsy.  

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