Why don’t you take in the view?

We are very proud to announce that 6 Artists working with VEDO Corporate Art Service are showing stunning new artworks in the exhibition ‘Taking in the View’ at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, London W1, on until the 8th April 2017.

Come and see the fascinating array of artworks inspired by the landscape genre from artists Nigel Bird, Mick Dean, Jacques Godard, Christopher Hauser, Pandora Mond and Richard Wincer.

There are 14 different Artists showing works in this wonderful landscape exhibition and what you will see is a wonderfully diverse approach to the landscape genre.

From nostalgic views of London’s lost urban dockside rendered in Oil by artist Mick Dean,

(c) Artist Mick Dean

to stunning shots of Antarctica’s majestic mountains and icebergs by Munich based photographer Christopher Hauser,

(c) Photographer Christopher Hauser

to dramatic textured seascapes in oil by Pandora Mond,

(c) Artist Pandora Mond

to delicate drawings of natural formations in ink by Nigel Bird,

(c) Artist Nigel Bird

to serene water inspired abstracts by Richard Wincer

(c) Artist Richard Wincer

and apocalyptic crashing waves by French photographer Jacques Godard.

(c) Photographer Jacques Godard

Each year we showcase artworks by artists who are working with us at exhibitions and events to bring to the commercial sector talented emerging artists and artworks with artistic merit and integrity.

All of the artists working with VEDO in this show work independently and their work is eminently suitable for the Corporate, Property and Design sectors.

What we look for from the artists we select for promotion and for projects and is applicable to the Artists in the current show is as follows:

• All of the artists are very experienced and are accomplished
• have mastered their technique and have a distinctive style;
• have a good exhibition history and their talent is noted by prizes, gallerists and peer-review;
• are commercially successful and stand up in an art fair or art gallery environment;
• sell commercially desirable work, so resale is an option and the artworks have commercial integrity;
• are gaining increasing international recognition;
• have a growing number of collectors buying their works;
• can work on a large scale if needed;
• produce high quality bespoke commission work;
• have a very good quality finish to their work.

About VEDO:
At VEDO we provide artworks that match the brand and vision of the company looking to acquire the art to ensure that projects hit the highest note.

Whether you are a Company looking to decorate your office or whether you are a property company looking to sell luxury properties, or an architect or interior designer looking for artworks to compliment your designs, we work hard to ensure the artworks we source or the bespoke commissions we arrange accord with the aesthetic brief and compliments the overall design and intrinsic brand message the Company wishes to convey.

We work with artists and support artists and understand fully the demands of producing saleable artwork and good quality bespoke commission work in a highly competitive market-place.

Our art consultancy service (value of over £5,000) is free for any purchases made above £20,000. For more details about our services see here: http://www.vedocorporateart.com/our-services/

We have a very wide resource pool over 100 different artists, work with leading galleries and our highly experienced art consultants are specialists in different art fields and therefore we are able to source and provide exceptional works across a wide spectrum of the arts and also culturally specific art.

Special Events we are hosting:

If you work for a Corporate and are looking to build an art collection or dress your offices or a Property developer and are looking to use beautiful art to dress your properties to boost sales then please do register for our Corporate Art evening event 6pm-8pm on 22nd March at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, London W1. Please register here.

If you are an architect or interior designer and would like to join us at our Open House Day from 10.00am until 4pm on 22nd March 2017 in which we will look at how art can be used to raise your business profile and also how we can source art and artists that are relevant to your projects and house style. Please register your place here.

The exhibition is on until 8th April 2017, anyone who wishes to have a private tour or to discuss the purchasing of works or bespoke commissioning of works please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more details contact us at Jessica@vedocorporateart.com.

Photographer Showcasing – Jacques Godard’s work in ‘Taking in the View’ Exhibition

(c) Artist Jacques Godard

Jacques Godard is a prolific photographer whose works include a variety of subjects, including natural still lives, nudes and studies of bull fighting. He has exhibited at many galleries and institutions globally.

VEDO Corporate Art Service is proud to be showing a stunning work entitled ‘Genesis’ in the forthcoming landscape exhibition ‘Taking in the View’ that runs at the gallery from 10th March until 8th April 2017.

Quite often, Godard creates pieces in large format which helps make these photographic works very engaging. Some of our favourite of Godard’s works are part of the enigmatic series entitled Genesis.

In this series, Godard uses a specific photographic process known as pixoplasty to generate the very recognisable look this body of works possesses. These pieces are highly creative with a real painterly quality, muted palette and natural subject matter.

Describing the process, Godard asserts that “The original photographic image serves as a matrix for a study of its evocations. The scanned image is unstructured: its original constituents, pixels, provide me a material as malleable as clay.”

In his Genesis series, Godard captures images of the natural world from La Plaine des Maures, in Var-France, from which he generates both coloured and black and white prints. Both sets focus on the themes of the creation of nature and apocalypse. These themes are really emphasised by Godard’s painterly effect.

For Godard, the coloured works are more akin to creation of new worlds and the black and white more relevant to the theme of apocalypse. Equally, both groups within this series are quite serene and show a world that seems to be separate from any human intervention or interference.

Godard works in other methods and has both historically and more recently experimented with the process of gum bichromate. The effects are quite different from the delicacy he achieves using the pixoplasty method, but they are equally as engaging.

He reports, “During 1982, through the works of Edward Steichen, I discovered the existence of the printing process with “gum bichromate”. I felt that it can give me the opportunity to obtain the images I was looking for.”

Godard employed this technique to capture images of the natural world, exotic plant life and sand dunes. His works depicting the dunes are totally captivating and show an almost alien environment. The layers of sand and details of small plants show an environment that is at once recognisable but also quite distinct. The subject matter and close frame compositions work very well with the image’s use of black and white.

Godard’s works are highly collectible and are found in museum collections. His works have featured in several noted exhibitions across France and most recently in Nice.

Godard was recently invited to participate in a prestigious exhibition celebrating the 70 years of the Mediterranean Union for Modern Art, founded in 1946 under the presidency of Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard, in a large group exhibition in Menton (France) at the Palais de L’europe.

He is currently showing work in “Vision Future”, an exhibition organized by UMAM (Mediterranean Union for Modern Art) and city of Menton. Held in the centre of Nice in a large renowned specialised ophthalmological complex, Godard is showing works with 3 other artists, who have been selected through a competition organised by the City of Menton. It is running until 31 March 2017 in Nice.

Godard’s photographs are very unique in style, are elegant and evocative. Often focusing on the land or natural subjects, they would fit in a variety of settings, from luxury properties to Corporate office spaces.

If you would like to see artworks by this artist, please contact VEDO or attend Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street where pieces from both the Genesis series and others using the gum bichromate technique can be viewed.

Photographer Showcasing: Christopher Hauser’s work in ‘Taking in the View’ Exhibition

(c) ‘Life Lines’ by Artist Christopher Hauser

Christopher Hauser is a Munich based photographer whose international profile and reputation and body of photographic work has developed at an excitingly fast pace.

Christopher Hauser defines himself as a ‘contemporary and architecture photographer’. He is perhaps best known for his large sweeping panoramic cityscapes taken from vertiginous heights and his elegant abstract shots of some of the World’s most famous skyscrapers.

There is something intrinsically contemporary about his elegant, cool streamlined cityscapes. It’s this quality which has meant a number of prominent European businesses have selected Christopher as the artistic ambassador to their firms, displaying his captivating works in their boardrooms, hallways and communal areas.

Since his impressive Skylines exhibition at London’s Lloyds Register in 2014, a star exhibition attraction during the London Festival of Architecture, Christopher’s work has gained many new collectors in Germany, London and internationally.

Christopher’s gallery exhibition profile in London has progressed steadily as he has been invited to show works in Gallery DIFFERENT’s group exhibitions over the last two years and his works headlined the launch exhibition for VEDO’s Corporate Art Service in 2015, which caught the eye of a very large international law firm who sought 15 photographic works for an installation in their newly refurbished offices in London.

Christopher has spent the last year travelling the world and spending a great deal of time in America developing a new body of work, in particular taking some new images of Shanghai and New York which we are all waiting with excitement to see. He has also won an impressive photographic award for his work. He won first place in the category of Professional Architecture, Interiors for the International Photography Awards 2016 for his Ice Hotel work see here.  

His stunning black and white abstract City shots of Singapore were shown in the exhibition Savoir Faire in October 2016. At VEDO we have a soft spot for Hauser’s abstract architectural pieces, he takes distinctive aspects or sections of modern buildings and hones in on them, really scrutinising their surfaces and form, to the extent that the surface pattern takes on an entirely new abstract form. For example see his abstract shots of Sydney’s Opera House or of the Eiffel Tower.

(c) Artist Christopher Hauser

We are thrilled to showcase a completely different side to Christopher’s work at the forthcoming landscape exhibition ‘Taking in the View’ at Gallery DIFFERENT from 10th March 2017 until 8th March 2017.

Christopher is showing three powerful images from his Antarctica series.

Christopher captures similarly the scale and magnificence of the landscape. His highly detailed large-format images of Antarctica’s mountains compel you to step into the photograph and feel the same emotions as the man behind the lens, feelings of total awe or feeling humbled by the majesty of the landscape.

The icy blues and greys that have become characteristic of his oeuvre are still present in these recent works. Ice sheets, snow-capped mountains and isolated fluffy clouds amid bright blue skies are taken as his subject-matter. The works are timeless but also intensely modern and possess a universality which would appeal to a huge range of buyers, collectors and supporters.

Christopher is a joy to work with as an artist and we really cannot wait to see what he produces next as this rising star’s work continues to take an exciting trajectory. If you are interested in any of Christopher Hauser’s pieces or wish to get in contact with the artist, please contact VEDO directly and we will gladly assist. To see Hauser’s pieces in our forthcoming exhibition please join us at Gallery DIFFERENT for what promises to be another highly acclaimed show.

At VEDO Corporate Art Service, we work with many talented emerging artists, photographers and sculptors and each year we showcase different artists that we work with in 3 or 4 exhibitions. We provide an art buying service and bespoke commissioning service for the Corporate art sector and for the property and design sectors. For more details about our services click here. 

Artist Showcasing – Video-blog on Natalie Ryde and her work in the “Paper and Bronze Exhibition”


(c) Artist Natalie Ryde

Natalie Ryde is an exciting artist who specialises in abstract line drawings and screen printing. Her works are often very detailed, colourful and captivating.

She describes her abstract line drawings as appearing as floating woven forms and she attributes this aesthetic to her family background in both textiles and technical drawing.

Ryde’s explains that her practice deals with ideas surrounding “the human tendency to follow patterns, inherent and learnt behaviour, conscious and automatic decision making” and her source material comes from mathematical diagrams, observation of disrupted surfaces or patterns and emergent organic forms.

The intricate mesh drawings in monochrome and colour have a feeling of movement and vitality in their undulating surfaces. Working predominantly on paper, Ryde uses ink, pen and pencil in her drawings as well as producing short-run and variable silkscreen print editions.

VEDO have enjoyed showing Ryde’s artworks at our recent 2016 shows, Savoir Faire in October 2016 and ‘Paper and Bronze’ December – January 2017 at Gallery Different. We have created a video to explore her most recently exhibited pieces.

Watch her video here

Trefoil is a large piece with a bold blue ring of colour. Within this block of colour, Ryde has painstakingly hand drawn networks of pen lines. The method is very precise and creates a hugely intricate web effect. Trefoil exemplifies the methodology and vision of this artist.

In VEDO’s video, Ryde discusses her inspiration for these organic pieces.

One truly eye catching work is called “Pokey Holes”, a vibrant work that comprises of a yellow form with the same characteristic networks of line drawing over the block colour.

Gallery Different, London 

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Artist Natalie Ryde

Ryde recalls how one day she discovered a mysterious entity washed up on the beach. The entity turned out to be a cluster of whelk eggs and consequently formed the subject-matter of this work. She talks about the randomness of coming across something organic in a place it was not necessarily meant to be – a theme which seems to inform many of her works from this time.

Within the ‘Paper and Bronze’ show at Gallery Different we are also showing some unframed works, such as the drawings “implosion” and “explosion” that are stunning small drawings that would look elegant in a luxury home, boutique hotel or any commercial space where minimalist elegant design is the theme.

Ryde’s fascinating working methods and techniques, together with the sense of randomness she installs into her works make them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a really unique, elegant artwork.

Ryde also has much experience of working alongside her patrons and therefore the commissioning process is something which she both enjoys and thrives on. At VEDO we work with artists and clients to produce bespoke commission works that enhances a company’s property and matches the Company brand and vision. Whether you have something specific in mind to commission for a corporate or luxury setting, or you would just be interested in Ryde’s best completed works, we are here to assist.

Sculptor Showcasing – Video-blog on Margot Roulleau – Gallais and her work in the “Paper and Bronze Exhibition”

Margot Roulleau-Gallais creates lifelike bronze sculptures of humans in highly naturalistic poses. The scale of her works vary considerably. Within her repertoire Roulleau-Gallais has created both larger than life size bronze figures of famous individuals but also much more intimate works which focusing on the more vulnerable side of her sitters.

Capturing a likeness is one of Roulleau-Gallais’s real talents. She has been commissioned to create busts, full figurative statues and smaller more intricately posed works by a variety of patrons, including MDM London. She is a young talent who has worked for leading British sculptors and is attracting patrons for commissions in her own right.

At VEDO’s most recent show ‘Paper and Bronze’ at Gallery Different we have exhibited one of Roulleau-Gallais’s smaller, delicate bronzes, “Crouching Chaos”.

Gallery Different, London 

This miniature female nude crouches with her hair falling elegantly over her shoulders, her legs crossed and pulled into her torso. In the video commissioned by VEDO Roulleau-Gallais tells us about the creation of this particular sculpture. She explores the emotion behind the nude and what the various parts of the body represent and how the posture relates to these emotions.

Watch the video here

Roulleau-Gallais has created something truly special with this small scale bronze work. Perfect for exhibiting on a plinth or on top of a table this piece seemed to appeal to individuals for a variety of reasons. The theme of the female nude together with the medium of bronze is a timeless combination.

Roulleau-Gallais renders subject and object in perfect unity which means these works could be used to engage with a variety of audiences on a variety of different levels. From elegant waiting rooms for companies, such as private medical clinics, or boutique hotel reception rooms to a luxury living room, this work could be exhibited anywhere and it would spark debate while enhancing the surrounding environment.

Those looking for an exquisite bronze figurative work on a small scale need look no further.

Roulleau-Gallais is a master craftsman with the ability to render impressions in bronze with extreme skill. From a life size sculpture of football legend Thierry Henri to a sophisticated bust of literary icon Edward Lear, Roulleau-Gallais continues to define her position within the sculpture scene internationally.

Roulleau-Gallais enjoys the challenges set by working to commission. Comfortable in a variety of scales, her works can accommodate every environment. Please contact VEDO directly to inquire into sculptural commissions by this talented artist.

Artist Showcasing: Video-Blog on Venetia Norris and her artworks in the ‘Paper and Bronze’ Exhibition

Image 5, Inspired by New Covent Garden, graphite and paint on boad, 38.2 x 35.4cm

(c) Artist Venetia Norris

Venetia Norris has come to be one of VEDO’s most well recognised artists, appearing frequently across VEDO’s 2016 exhibition programme.

In celebration of Norris’s most recently exhibited piece – Leaded Lights – VEDO have commissioned an artist video which shows Norris explaining the work, her inspiration and her fascinating techniques.

Click here to watch the video

Leaded Lights is characteristic of many of Norris’s pieces as it takes as its subject, the natural world. Leaded Lights is in essence a pencil drawing and rubbing including a splash of bright yellow paint and comprising a suspended wire circle.

Venetia Norris, Leaded Lights, Mixed Media- pencil rubbings, graphite, paint and wire on paper, artwork 33.5x25cm, 2015 (image courtesy of the artist)

(c) Artist Venetia Norris

Norris frequently creates these engaging sometimes monochrome assemblages which are her response to particular places at particular moments. Norris’s works are therefore often based on her real love of nature, foliage and the changing natural environment.

With Norris’s work you get a very modern, elegant presentation of nature. Beautiful flowers and foliage with a contemporary twist.

Drawing from life is a key aspect of all of Norris’s works. It is the direct, immediate rendering of a subject that gives her pieces such an intensity and vivacity. In the video Norris discusses the effect her 2015 artist residency had on the development of her artistic processes. She confirms that in directly engaging with her environment – the school of North London Collegiate – her pieces seemed to really come alive. The splash of yellow colour present in the piece in question was a direct response to the school’s frenetic and lively environment.

Leaded Light is not overly large in size and would fit well in so many different settings. Norris is able to take on larger scale and smaller scale projects and commissions. If you would like to understand more about the opportunities for commissioning or buying Norris’s works, please contact VEDO directly. As we march into 2017, VEDO is very excited for what lies in store for this important and prolific artist and urges fans and patrons of Venetia Norris’s works to watch this space carefully!

Artist Showcasing: Video-Blog on Sara Willett and her artworks in the ‘Paper and Bronze’ Exhibition

Gallery Different, London

(c) VEDO and Artist Sara Willett

VEDO is a huge supporter of prolific artist, Sara Willett. Her works take many different forms from painting, to drawing to installation.

Towards the end of last year, VEDO produced a popular blog article on this artist, focusing on her recent return from China’s capital, Beijing, following a highly successful artist residency programme.
See here: http://www.vedocorporateart.com/artist-showcasing-sara-willetts-artist-residency-in-china-her-works-in-paper-and-bronze-exhibition/

“Seeker 1” and “Seeker 2” are two separate works using ink on traditional Chinese rice paper. These pieces were chosen to feature in the “Paper and Bronze” Exhibition at Gallery DIFFERENT from December till January 2017, in which artists working with VEDO exhibited.


(c) Artist Sara Willett

In promotion of these fantastic, quite mesmerising pieces, VEDO decided to interview the artist to find out more about the production of the work and how she got to this stage of her artistic journey. Please take a moment to watch the video and learn a little more about this inspirational practitioner.

Willett describes the works in focus as portals which help her to articulate her experience of looking at the environment and landscape in and around Beijing.

There is something both traditional and yet intensely modern about both drawings. Their rhythmic lines, attention to detail and repetition of colour and form generate a strongly meditative quality. These features are found throughout many of Willett’s pieces and ensure that many different types of buyers are interested in her oeuvre.

Please watch the video to find out more about Willett’s fascinating projects and techniques and to see how her works might fit within your corporate or luxury environments.

We can see these exhibited artworks would look elegant in a holistic environment such as a spa or private health clinic or boutique hotel or luxury home.

Alternatively, VEDO would be delighted to discuss with you any queries you have about Willett’s works and help you on your journey to finding the best quality art at affordable prices.

Click the link below to see the video.

Abu Dhabi’s Louvre to House Monumental Site Specific Works by Italian and American Masters

The Louvre museum in Paris has always been a forward thinking institution, urging visitors and viewers to re-evaluate what they see and experience within the gallery setting. The opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi is an extraordinary intergovernmental cooperation, bringing one of the most important museums in the world and its affiliated gallery associations to a strategic place in the Middle East.

With the opening of Abu Dhabi Louvre just around the corner, reports are in that important contemporary artists Jenny Holzer and Giuseppe Penone will christen the space with two large-scale site specific pieces.

Louvre Abu Dhabi will open its doors for the first time in early 2017 to a fanfare of excitement from the global artistic community. But what will these challenging sculptures be?

In an article on the commissions, Artnet published the remarks of Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, Mohamad Khalifa Al Mubarak.

Mr Khalifa Al Mubarak attests that “in line with Louvre Abu Dhabi’s ambition to reflect the universal nature of art making, we have commissioned contemporary works by the internationally renowned artists Giuseppe Penone and Jenny Holzer. The artists’ works are inspired by the museum’s iconic architecture and diverse stories and play an important role in connecting the cultures and civilizations of our past with the relevant ongoing conversations and artistic practices today.”

So, what do they look like? Both artists have approached the commissions quite differently. Jenny Holzer is creating three monumental stone walls that will be engraved with ancient texts from Ibn Khaldun’s “Muqaddimah.” These are important historic texts on an Arcadian and Semerian “Creation Myth” tablet that is in Berlin. Also the walls will incorporate texts from the 1588 “Essais” by Michel de Montaigne which is in the Bordeaux Municipal Library.

Penone’s commissioned installation work called “Germination” will focus on the natural world. It consists of a vast bronze cast tree called “Leaves of Light” that will connect and engage with a series of small mirrors representing its leaves. The work will be intricately integrated within its environment as light will reflect from the mirrors and bathe the architecture below.

For those visiting the space next year, it will not be hard to feel the effects of these monumental artworks. Artnet reports that both pieces will be positioned within light filled outdoor spaces resembling an Islamic courtyard. This type of setting reflects the museum’s focus on the cultural dialogue between Western and Eastern cultures but is also in keeping with the core collection. With its leading collection of art from across different civilizations across expansive periods of art history, Islamic art plays a significant and prominent role and is of paramount importance to this branch of the Museum.

The stunning contemporary art and architecture will no doubt reinforce a thoroughly modern approach to bringing the historic parts of the collection to new audiences but also communicating a thoroughly modern museum approach overall.

From the artists’ commissioned drawings, the vision and core values of the museum is magnificently reflected through these two installations and these works are bound to entice and fascinate visitors coming to this new museum.

The creation of good site specific art can immeasurably enhance any working or living environment. The right themes, scale, materials and techniques are essential in creating a work that really interacts properly with its setting.

VEDO works with leading sculptors and a range of very talented artists who are adept at producing site specific commissions. Indeed, for many artists there is something very exhilarating about the challenge of creating site specific work to commission. For commissioning works, Where there is a very clear brief and narrative from the commissioning body and great vision and talent from the artist, the results can indeed be spectacular and truly unique and exceptional art can be created. Watch this space for more news about commissioned works and public works.

McQueen’s Home – a Fantastic Homage to the Magnificent Fashion Designer’s Life and Works

Alexander McQueen was one of the world’s most famous fashion designers and his legacy continues to inspire the fashion and art world across the globe even today.

Now, six years after his premature death in 2010, the last property he is known to have lived in on Mayfair’s prestigious Dunraven Street is up for sale. As you would imagine, such a distinguished address is commanding the very high price of £8.5 million.

Following McQueen’s death, the property laid dormant until the intervention of interior designer, Paul Davies. In a report on the sale, ArtNet quoted Mr Davies, who believes the home possesses a unique greatness. He stated, “Providing a homage to Alexander McQueen, this luxurious penthouse delivers the very best in contemporary Mayfair living.”

Images of the regenerated duplex home can be seen in an article by ArtNet. They show a beautifully elegant modern apartment filled with top specification amenities and more than one or two nods to the fashion designer’s life and career. Images of McQueen himself, his muses Isabella Blow and Annabelle Neilson and photographs of his work are hung amidst flawless interior decoration.

The design truly is a celebration of this incredible figure’s life and works. There is for example a “fashion catwalk”, an area lined with mirrors and photographs from his noted fashion shows and design motifs celebrating his trademark skull motif incorporated into the wall mirrors as well as references to his headgear.

Davies has also decorated this luxurious penthouse with a colour palette typical of McQueen’s fashion creations – cream, silver and black.

The fashion designer is not the only famous name associated with the address. 17 Dunraven Street was once the home of well-known author PG Woodhouse and more recently, His Highness Alexander Mountbatten.

Redecoration such as this is a perfect example of how interior design coupled with contemporary art and photography can hugely enhance your living space.

Significantly the interior designer has gone a stage further and focused on highly relevant material that celebrates McQueen’s life and is an example of the more sophisticated design and marketing of luxury properties that is now taking place internationally.

This we see as a growing market trend and at VEDO, our art consultants believe authenticity, relevance and brand resonance are key elements to ensure art appropriately matches within a designed luxury space but also reflects the brand image of the company client.

Interior designers, property developers and estate agents can use art to help maximise their prospects of property sales. Watch this space for more information about this market development.

‘Paper and Bronze’ – highlights from the show relevant to your industry sector

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Philip Hearsey

On Thursday 15th December 2016 VEDO Corporate Art Service hosted a very enjoyable and interesting preview evening for guests from a wide variety of companies and industry sectors from the property, art, design and luxury sector to the corporate, finance, legal and restaurant industry at Gallery DIFFERENT’S Winter Exhibition ‘Paper and Bronze.’

There is a dazzling range of artworks in the show, with over 120 artworks on display and works by 34 different national and international artists. VEDO had the great pleasure of showing 10 artists working with VEDO alongside 24 of the Gallery’s artists. 

The show is fascinating, showing a diverse range of subject-matter. There is truly something for everyone.
It is very exciting seeing the mix of established and emerging artists and how this creates a commercial and competitive environment for the artists.

From well renowned sculptors and artists such as David Begbie and Johannes Von Stumm, Guy Portelli. Philip Hearsey and the late artists Anthony Quinn ( who was also a famous movie star) and Denis Bowen to strong emerging artists who are ambitious, making sales and building exciting careers such as Sara Willett, Tara Winona, Paul Bennett and Silvia Lerin and Gil Carvalho.

We are delighted to show you some of the highlights from the show. These are artworks our guests particularly loved, the works attracted Collectors and were being snapped up in the first week of the show opening.

Below we will show you photographs of works in the show that may speak to your different industry sectors:

• For the Luxury sector ( see the beautiful bronze sculptures by Philip Hearsey, the delicate drawings by Jana Emburey and Sara Willett);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Philip Hearsey

Hotel sector and property sector (See also David Begbie’s sculptures, Nigel Bird’s nature inspired drawings & Tara Winona’s haunting animal prints);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor David Begbie


(c) Artist Nigel Bird

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Tara Winona

Corporate sector, ( see Johannes Von Stumm’s geometric sculptures and Silvia Lerin’s bold paintings on paper);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Sculptor Johannes Von Stumm


(c) Artist Silvia Lerin

Horse-racing and polo crowd and for any animal lovers (see the bronze sculptures by Jess Wallace);

Gallery Different, London 

(c) Sculptor Jess Wallace

Publishing Sector ( See Laura Beaumont’s controversial mixed media works);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Laura Beaumont

Music industry ( see Keith Haynes’s strikingly designed prints and vinyl works of world famous musicians);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Keith Haynes

Fashion sector ( see Gil Carvalho’s provocative Stiletto and Birkin prints and Sarah Michelle’s embroidered women in garments);

Gallery Different, London  

(c) Artist Sarah Michelle

If you would like to see more, the Exhibition is on until 6th January 2017 and so please come and visit us at Gallery DIFFERENT, 14 Percy Street, London W1. 

About VEDO Corporate Art:
VEDO is a specialist corporate art service. We help Companies look for art to match their brand and ethos, to create a stimulating and creative working environment, to showcase art that will attract clients and speak to your client-base and act as an investment.

If you require any advice or assistance VEDO is here to help you choose wisely art you will love. We source artworks from artists working independently to galleries, to gallery represented artists, from artists Estates and from the antique sector. We can help source any art you like.

We have three independent art advisers working with our service with considerable industry knowledge and access to 100s of artists across different mediums who are not represented by galleries and we have a unique 4 step process to make buying art enjoyable and easy.

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