Image 5, Inspired by New Covent Garden, graphite and paint on boad, 38.2 x 35.4cm

(c) Artist Venetia Norris

Venetia Norris has come to be one of VEDO’s most well recognised artists, appearing frequently across VEDO’s 2016 exhibition programme.

In celebration of Norris’s most recently exhibited piece – Leaded Lights – VEDO have commissioned an artist video which shows Norris explaining the work, her inspiration and her fascinating techniques.

Click here to watch the video

Leaded Lights is characteristic of many of Norris’s pieces as it takes as its subject, the natural world. Leaded Lights is in essence a pencil drawing and rubbing including a splash of bright yellow paint and comprising a suspended wire circle.

Venetia Norris, Leaded Lights, Mixed Media- pencil rubbings, graphite, paint and wire on paper, artwork 33.5x25cm, 2015 (image courtesy of the artist)

(c) Artist Venetia Norris

Norris frequently creates these engaging sometimes monochrome assemblages which are her response to particular places at particular moments. Norris’s works are therefore often based on her real love of nature, foliage and the changing natural environment.

With Norris’s work you get a very modern, elegant presentation of nature. Beautiful flowers and foliage with a contemporary twist.

Drawing from life is a key aspect of all of Norris’s works. It is the direct, immediate rendering of a subject that gives her pieces such an intensity and vivacity. In the video Norris discusses the effect her 2015 artist residency had on the development of her artistic processes. She confirms that in directly engaging with her environment – the school of North London Collegiate – her pieces seemed to really come alive. The splash of yellow colour present in the piece in question was a direct response to the school’s frenetic and lively environment.

Leaded Light is not overly large in size and would fit well in so many different settings. Norris is able to take on larger scale and smaller scale projects and commissions. If you would like to understand more about the opportunities for commissioning or buying Norris’s works, please contact VEDO directly. As we march into 2017, VEDO is very excited for what lies in store for this important and prolific artist and urges fans and patrons of Venetia Norris’s works to watch this space carefully!