(c) Artist Florent Lubienicki

The VEDO film below shows the artist, Florent Lubienicki, discussing his two recently completed golden art works using combinations of stoneware, clay and paper. Lubienicki discusses the meditative aspect of his work and how important the material is in getting the right effect.

Shown in the recent October VEDO event, both works have an attractive gold hue. This is essential, Lubienicki confirms, as this colour symbolises light and is intricately tied to the theme of the sun. To reinforce this concept, one piece is aptly entitled ‘Soleli’.

For Lubienicki, the creation of the work and the effort and processes involved are key to the value of the final piece. He discusses the labour intensive, very physical processes involved in the creation of these two works, from the repetitive motions required to the intensity of the medium. Lubienicki ensures that, during periods of high artistic activity, he is careful to take frequent breaks to prevent any stiffness.


(c) Artist Florent Lubienicki

Lubienicki’s works, regardless of the medium, show the artist’s real understanding of the significance of the line to any abstract composition. Some of his works indicate a fascination with repetition. At first glance, drawings such as ‘Aromatisation’ could almost be scientific drawings or data from a geological survey. There is something very absorbing about the level of detail Lubienicki uses.

The work entitled ‘Suspension’ is a sculptural piece constructed of many porcelain triangles individually hanging from the ceiling. Together they make a mass of white and gold planes which appear to have almost been frozen in time. The work looks fantastic in a minimalist environment or in a more traditional setting – it is incredibly versatile and enhances a huge variety of spaces. In VEDO’s video, Lubienicki discusses his love of porcelain. Perhaps nowhere better than in this piece can we see his masterful use of the medium.

VEDO is proud to be working with Florent Lubienicki. To watch the video and understand a little more about this promising artist’s career, creations and his influences from the advertising trade, please click the link below to view.