(c) Artist Liesha Yaz

The artist statement on Liesha Yaz’s website summarises her brilliantly evocative canvases; “Rather than creating a site specific landscape, I am driven by the desire to show the spirit and energy of a place, allowing the viewer to contemplate.” Yaz’s use of oil paint perfectly enhances this effect. Her seascapes and landscapes immediately capture your attention and draw on memories we all have of having been immersed in beautiful or wild scenery.

Yaz submitted two stunning seascapes to the latest VEDO exhibition, both attracting a lot of admiration. Their larger scales and elegantly textured canvases seemed to be a real talking point for VEDO’s guests. ‘Distant Shore’ is the sort of work you can become completely consumed in. The variety of earthen colours and tones are truly beautiful. Yaz builds up certain areas of the canvas with thicker paint, for example in the foreground where there might be tumultuous waves. These parts contrast nicely with flatter areas which might signify a calmer sky. The impastoed paint adds a depth which enhances the overall effect of the work. Yaz also employs a technique of dripping paint in areas of the canvas. This technique often compliments her watery or sea subject matter which brings an additional depth to her work that is truly admirable.

VEDO is happy to present a slide show of Yaz’s works. The reel highlights the great sense of natural beauty that can be captured by this artist. From rich blues and browns, to cool greys and fiery reds, Yaz is able to breathe life into her seascapes and landscapes in a way that would suit any environment. The works are often large in scale but they possess a subtlety which is remarkable. Many people find that they make the perfect works to place in an area of high footfall, as they always provide something new to contemplate. Others find the delicacy of tone and technique make them perfect to keep in a more contemplative, secluded environment.


(c) Artist Liesha Yaz

Yaz has created many works for specific sites and by commission. She confirms that she “thrive(s) on the challenge of producing site specific work”. Her works can really accommodate any kind of setting. Yaz has positioned art in the corporate domaine as well as in very luxury, top end residential spaces. These are truly versatile artworks making them the perfect choice for a variety of collectors.

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