(c) Artist Jess Wallace

Jess Wallace is a talented artist exploring the traditional arts of drawing, painting and sculpture. Her work has received much recognition from collectors and art advisors, and 2016 has proven a successful year, with shows at the Framers Gallery, at Gallery DIFFERENT and at Paul Smith’s flagship store on Albermarle Street.

This week VEDO will proudly display a number of Jess Wallace’s works, sculptures and drawings, in its forthcoming exhibition, ‘Paper and Bronze’.

Some of Jess Wallace’s most popular pieces are her delicate bronzes of animals, which are currently on a domestic scale. These dynamic sculptures are both intimate and vibrantly filled with life. Her subjects include dogs, horses, pigs and cows, usually particular animals she knows well and cares for. They are exquisitely modelled in clay, then cast in bronze. The incredible vivacity of the work really allows the viewer to feel the presence of the animal, whether it is a quietly grazing horse or a playful dog running across the fields. In accompaniment to this work, Jess has produced beautiful line or charcoal drawings of her subjects.

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

The beauty of Jess Wallace’s work is to produce very modern pieces using bronze, a traditional medium with a truly grand history. Her representations are tightly observed and spare, which renders them both contemporary and timeless.

For this very reason, a number of VEDO’s Corporate and private collectors have viewed Wallace’s works as the perfect compliment to a variety of settings.

Easily moveable and with a tangible sense of real craftsmanship, these bronzes are rapidly gaining in prominence. This is in no small part due to the support of British design house, Paul Smith, who have exhibited the works in their flagship London store on Albermarle Street. Seeing the works in situ, it is obvious how easily adaptable they can be. As an important brand, Paul Smith is known for its exquisite taste whether in the fashion world or in the world of interior design.

(c) Artist Jess Wallace

Jess Wallace appreciates interaction with her patrons and supporters, and has found their feedback valuable to the development of her work. She is keen to share her passion for working in clay, holds public workshops in her busy Yorkshire studio, and is a visiting tutor at Hampstead School of Art. She believes strongly in the value of observational work and that everybody can participate in, enjoy and benefit from the creative process.

To see Jess Wallace’s elegant sculptures and drawings, please join us at the forthcoming VEDO exhibition where the artist will be displaying a selection of works across both mediums.