Curated Art Exhibitions In Central Working Offices Across London.



We believe in finding extraordinary art for extraordinary people.

We have a unique approach that concentrates on working with you to find art that matches your brand and vision, meets your design and budget requirements and creates a very exciting legacy that you can be proud of.

Really good art speaks to everyone. It might say one thing to you and one thing to another but it speaks to us all. Bad art has no voice, it speaks to no one.

Vedo is Italian for “I See” and we help our clients buy the art that they want and which matches their brand and their vision.

At VEDO we love art and this is our passion. We provide artists who we believe have mastered their craft and produce highly desirable work that has artistic merit and can fair well in the ruthless commercial art market: art that looks amazing and that will be a talking point for your clients and guests and can be a valuable investment in its own right. That is what we will help you choose.

Our goal is to help you find the art you love, that strikes exactly the right chord and communicates your taste and personality in an appropriate way to your clients and staff and which can send a powerful message to reinforce your corporate brand.

We want to help you stand out from the crowd and help you to project your brand in an elegant and masterful way.

A corporate collection is also a way of supporting emerging artists and the artistic community.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing the artists you support develop their skill and technique over time, grow in prestige and their works grow in value.

We understand that running a busy company makes time and budget constraints a reality for all decision-makers. We also understand the pressure you and your colleagues are under in meeting numerous and often conflicting expectations.

Art is our business. We have decades of experience in this market and are confident that we can help you make the right choices.

We have developed a unique 4 stage system to help you make the art buying decisions you want and need.

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